Increase orgasmic intensity

If the men get so much help with their erectile dysfunction, then why can’t women? If you’ve noticed it’s harder to get aroused, using more artificial lubricant than you’d like, or your orgasms seem less than explosive, you should schedule a consultation with RevitalyzeMD to ask about FemiWave. We are more than qualified to help you take control of your sex life. At RevitalyzeMD in Knoxville FemiWave can help you to get your groove back.

What is FemiWave?

FemiWave is a treatment for women that uses low-intensity sound waves to help regenerate tissue. The procedure is without pain. It uses sound waves to tell the tissue it is injured and to repair. We use Gainswave for men all the time. We select FemiWave vs. laser vaginal rejuvenation in select patients. Yet it can always be paired with Laser Feminine rejuvenation for increasing orgasmic strength in women.

Am I a candidate for FemiWave?

Notice results right away.

As women age, there are a lot of changes to their bodies that go undiscussed. Vaginal dryness, becoming less aroused, things not as tight as they once were, and the worst, weaker orgasms. These are normal, less desired parts of the aging process that can cause problems in a relationship or diminish the enjoyment of sex. At RevitalyzeMD in Knoxville FemiWave technology is used to help the lives of hundreds of women.

The FemiWave Procedure

FemiWave uses Low-intensity pulse sound waves to repair blood vessels, thus increasing sensitivity and natural lubrication and eliminating urine incontinence. You can combine this with many of the procedures and treatments offered at RevitalyzeMD to have well-rounded sexual health.

This is a series of simple 10-20 minute in-office procedures that are safe with long-lasting results. FemiWave is a drug-free, surgery-free experience that will help the female libido and overall enrichment in life. And don’t worry, there is no downtime, so you’ll be ready to notice the results right away.

The benefits of


You and your partner will find you are in the mood more frequently.

Your lubrication will increase, stopping you from reaching for the lube in the nightstand. By increasing the blood flow to your vagina, it will strengthen, tighten, increase sensitivity, and the thing we are all after… better orgasms. You’ll have to learn to uncurl your toes. With FemiWave Knoxville patients and their partners will find themselves sneaking away more often, finding every opportunity to light the candles, put on some music, and find pleasure in each other’s company.