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What is the O-Shot

What is IGF?

IRev Up Your Metabolism and Build Lean Muscle

Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) is an injectable aid for building and retaining muscle mass and increasing metabolism. Also known as IGF, Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, is an anabolic hormone that works by helping the body to synthesize protein and directing fat cells toward energy generation while also increasing the metabolism. IGF stimulates specialized muscle cells known as satellite cells, which are crucial for muscle growth. These combine with muscle fibers to form new myofibrils, the thread-like parts of muscles critical for contraction. As a result, you can expect leaner body mass and increased muscle tone and size. IGF is not for everyone, and a full assessment is required before a treatment plan is considered. Make a consultation with the RevitalyzeMD team to learn if Knoxville IGF treatment is for you.

What are the
benefits of IGF?

Enhance Your Metabolism

IGF facilitates the body’s protein synthesis, controlling stored fat so it can be used to produce energy and reduce body fat while also enhancing metabolism, boosting lean body mass, and promoting the growth of muscles. You will be able to train more efficiently and recover faster. Additionally, some studies show that IGF helps to protect against heart disease, autoimmune disease, and plaque development. It is important to note that a healthy lifestyle and regular fitness routine are essential to maximizing the effectiveness of IGF.

Your IGF


Promote Muscle Growth

When receiving IGF Knoxville patients are given a subcutaneous injection. Your exact recommended dosage will be determined in your initial consultation with ReviatlyzeMD. Generally, 40 mcg – 50 mcg is recommended daily for men and 10 mcg – 20 mcg for women. Injections should not exceed more than twice per day. During your course of treatment, you should expect to gain weight as caused by increased muscle growth.

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Improve Workout Recovery

IGF can help you build muscle and reduce fat efficiently and effectively. Schedule your consultation with ReviatlyzeMD at RevitalyzeMD to discuss IGF in Knoxville.

What is the O-Shot


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