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Non-Invasive Lip Plumping

Get a naturally smoother, plumper pout with LipLase in Knoxville at RevityalyzeMD. Experience a non-invasive and needle-free alternative to traditional lip filler for women who want gradual, subtle results.

What is the O-Shot

What is LipLase?

No Needles Needed!

LipLase is a non-invasive alternative to lip injections. A laser heats the inner layers of the lips to activate the body’s natural collagen-producing capability; the lips gradually get smoother and plumper after each treatment session.

Am I a good candidate for LipLase?

Fuller, More Feminine Lips

If you want a subtle plump in your lips that develops over time, LipLase is an excellent option for you. LipLase is also a great option for those who are needle-shy! However, when considering LipLase Knoxville patients might not think it the best choice if they’re looking for quick results, as this treatment takes a few months to achieve the ideal pout.

Your LipLase


Quick and Comfortable

Your treatment will begin after we apply a topical anesthetic to make sure you’re comfortable during your treatment. We use the LipLase laser to treat your lips on the inside and outside, along with the area around your vermillion border. The average length of a LipLase session is thirty minutes or less. The topical anesthetic will quickly wear off, allowing you to resume your normal activities immediately following your procedure. Following your session, we suggest using a lip balm containing vitamin E. Additionally, it would be a good idea to skip wearing lipstick for at least four days. Finally, there is no cause for concern if your lips start to peel; this side effect is common and relatively mild.

LipLase Recovery & Results

A Smoother, Plumper Smile

There is no recovery time with LipLase! After the topical numbing wears off your lips, you can immediately return to work without any sign of having anything done. You can expect a naturally smoother, plumper, and tighter-looking smile! It is important to remember that LipLase cannot make your lips twice as big or give them an entirely different shape. LipLase stimulates new collagen by utilizing your body’s natural healing processes—your pout becomes subtly smoother and fuller as a result. LipLase also works to diminish those pesky fine lines around your lips for a comprehensively more youthful look.

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Volume Without Injections

Rejuvenate your smile without needles or injections with LipLase. Benefit from a gradually smoother, plumper pout with the help of revolutionary laser technology and the stimulation of your own collagen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

LipLase does not hurt; some patients even opt out of the topical anesthetic.

What are the risks?

When performed by a licensed medical professional, LipLase is extremely low risk.

How much does it cost?

Three to four LipLase sessions are suggested for optimal results. Pricing will be provided during your initial consultation as your treatment plan is established.

Does my insurance cover it?

LipLase is a cosmetic procedure not covered by insurance.