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Exploring Clitoral Rejuvenation in Knoxville, TN

We talk with women all day about arousal and better sex. Arousal is the key for women. We at RevitalyzeMD surveyed our patients, and 100% of them want foreplay for peak arousal before sex. Arousal increases blood flow, and blood flow increases lubrication. Plus, with the proper arousal, your woman will be ready for you to be inside. Prepare to bring back the heat between you and your partner. Book your consultation with RevitalyzeMD in Knoxville, TN, today!

What is the O-Shot

What is the clitoris?

The clitoris is the powerhouse to better sex, a female boner. Yes, there is such a thing as a female boner.

A woman will let you know when you find that unique sensory organ. The clitoris is the only organ in the body just for sexual pleasure. It has 8,000 nerve endings just in the head of the clitoris. And yes, there are legs, or Crux, to the clitoris on both sides of the vagina. It has twice the nerve endings than the penis but is the equivalent of the penis in men. Let’s become more cliterate:


  • The clitoris is strictly a sensual organ
  • It has twice the nerve fibers than the penis
  • There is more than meets the eye
  • It is just part of the G complex
  • It is not the G spot
  • Clitoral orgasms and different than G spot orgasms
  • It is the key to sexual arousal and orgasms for women
  • The clitoris can not be ignored

What is clitoral rejuvenation?

Time to focus on you!

Now that you know how important the clitoris is, we have a special laser treatment focused on rejuvenating the clitoris and getting more sensation back. It uses heat to stimulate clitoral regeneration of nerve endings and blood flow. It takes 4 minutes and we pair it with our vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Some ladies love it so much that we use it to revamp their sex life as a stand-alone treatment. Some call it Clitoral Rejuvenation, but at RevitalyzeMD, we call it the 4 minutes to the better foreplay.

How can I maximize my results?

After clitoral rejuvenation Knoxville patients can use our special O-shot arousal oil for home use and increased stimulation of the clitoris. Men love it, too. It has CBD oil, is edible, tastes good, and is non-irritating. You can use it on the nipples as well! We recommend it for use with all of our sexual wellness services including our Knoxville clitoral rejuvenation treatments. RevitalyzeMD has a particular home clitoral stimulation device we recommend that has a sucking action on the full head and body of the clitoris. It is fantastic for keeping your clitoris rejuvenated.

It pairs well with the O-shot arousal oil and the sexual Wellness procedures such as laser treatment, FemiWave, and the O-shot. We also have Cialis and Viagra compounded options at low doses that help blood flow. Cialis and Viagra at low doses also have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties without all the side effects of a full dose. Yes, the little blue pill is for women too! If that is not enough, we also have Sexual peptides, IV therapy (Revive), and oxytocin options.

The Total Package

The Important Things about the Clitoral rejuvenation treatment

  • 4 Minute treatment for a quick laser stimulation to the best foreplay
  • O-shot oil pairs well with this laser clitoral treatment.
    • O-shot Arousal oil is:
      • Mint chocolate
      • Has healing properties
      • CBD
      • Topical and edible
      • Peppermint oil, and so much more!
  • At-Home Device: Sonic wave technology stimulates clit with suction and cupping abilities. It will stimulate, repair, and adds growth factors to the clit. (Available at RevitalyzeMD)
  • Viagra/Cialis troches
    • Compounded combo
    • Short and long-acting
    • Low dose, so side effects are low!
    • Yes, they are for women too!

So many options to RevMD™ up your sex life. Make an appointment and start those conversations.

What are the benefits of clitoral rejuvenation?

We at RevitalyzeMD believe that it is up to you to take charge of your sexuality and get the most out of the time with your partner. Our Knoxville Clitoral Rejuvenation patients say it will intensify and enhance the fun you have in your bedroom (or anywhere else).

Schedule your consultation for Clitoral Rejuvenation with RevitalyzeMD in Knoxville, TN today!

We are comprehensive in our sexual wellness treatments for women. Schedule your consultation for Clitoral Rejuvenation in Knoxville at RevitalyzeMD to explore your path to better sex life.

What is the O-Shot