In Knoxville, TN

The Vampire Facelift is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that can take years off your appearance in just 15 minutes.

With the science of your own platelet rich plasma, cosmetic fillers, and the artful eye of a professional, a Vampire Facelift can take years off your appearance in just 15 minutes.

Our signature Vampire Facelift will help remove wrinkles and add volume to your face, for a natural, more youthful look. At RevMD, our Vampire Facelift Knoxville patients get a way of both restoring shape, and improving tone and texture, as well as literally rejuvenated new and younger tissue!

What is the O-Shot


  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Instant results with long lasting improvement
  • Has a quick recovery rate – Usually the same day!
  • Virtually Painless


  • Stimulates Collagen
  • Improves Skin Texture & Clarity
  • Restores Youthful Facial Structure
  • Lifts and Tightens Skin
  • Corrects Volume Loss
  • Treats Wrinkles & Folds
  • Minimizes Sagging or Crepey Skin

How does it work?

At our practice in Knoxville Vampire Facials need a vial’s worth of blood from your arm which we then spin in a centrifuge in order to remove the red blood cells. What we’re left with is a yellow serum that is rich with growth factors and platelets. The physician then uses a very tiny needle to inject this serum into your face, just below the skin.

This injection will help to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and collagen in your face, giving your skin a lasting, healthy glow. The cells become activated to grow new tissue that is rich in new collagen, new fatty tissue, and new blood vessels all of which provide increased smoothness, and a healthier glow. Next, a filler is used to add natural collagen depending on your facial structure. This will allow you to see some results instantly and create a structure as your own collagen develops over time. As times goes on and the filler begins to break down, the effects of the PRP are seen, leaving the areas that needed it the most just gorgeous. The results continue to improve for 2-3 months and can last for 1-2 years.

Vampire Facelift

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?
A topical numbing cream is applied for 20-30 minutes prior to the procedure to minimize discomfort. The fillers have lidocaine in them as well, which enhances the numbing.
How long does the typical appointment take?
The typical appointment can last up to 90 minutes.
When will I see results?

The results of the fillers are immediate. PRP will enhance these effects right away but then the platelets are absorbed by your system. You will see the full results in 3-4 months.

Is there any downtime?

There’s minimal downtime after a vampire facelift. While you may experience some swelling and bruising, you should be able to go back to work the next day. We recommend avoiding direct sunlight for a day or two after the procedure, using sunscreen when you go outside, and avoiding wearing makeup and washing your face for at least 12 hours.

How long will my results last?
This treatment can last up to 1-2 years in most patients.
How many treatments are needed?

One treatment is typically sufficient for patients to get their desired results. Two weeks after your facelift, you will return for a follow-up evaluation to see if anything else needs to be added to your aesthetic plan.

What’s the difference between a Vampire Facelift and a Vampire Facial?

While both procedures use PRP, the Vampire Facial does not include fillers and uses microneedling rather than injections. The Vampire Facial can shrink pore size, help with acne scarring and pigmentation, and could be used to treat stretch marks. If you want to focus on face shape and contouring, the Vampire Facelift is probably a better choice. The two procedures can have great results when you use them together. Learn more about the difference between a Vampire Facial and Vampire Facelift.